If beauty gets any thinner, no one will fit.


I was sitting here thinking about how was the “plus size” classification derived. When we see a  SiZE 6,  I don’t state these are “skinny” sizes.  I wish I had a meeting with the  fashion gods  to change the term “plus size”. Are we happy with women who wear  ‘double digits” classifying them as “plus size”. Am not! I wish we didn’t have to bucket sizes 10 and up as “plus size”.  Designers need to just embrace sizes and create clothes for ‘everyone” and classify as a size not term.

At least the curvy revolution have started with “curvy” body forms. Recently, two Cornell students developed a plus-size dress form with more accuracy than ever before, allowing designers to accomodate larger body types.

Yes!  The Curvy Revolution has started… now if I could work on changing the classification to a “size” that would be great…. but  not in this lifetime.

-GlamCurvy T


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