Barbie Goes Curvy!

Barbie Goes Curvy!


Found a article today where the iconic Barbie who has always been  a 18 inch waist size, is now expanding her body frame to a more “curvy” form.

Is this a look that would be embraced? Or is this another tactic to please the “curvy public” for the interim?

How do you feel about Barbie new look  from skinny to curvy? Or does it matter?

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  1. Kristen · July 8, 2013

    I feel both sides – I don’t know that it necessarily registers with little kids playing with Barbie – or any doll for that matter what the weight/height/overall appearance is. I remember reading Little House on the Prairie and those little girls were just happy as could be with a little rag doll – and I’m sure they didn’t think to themselves, “this little doll is dressed in rags and has wild yarn hair, we should dress like that too and never brush our hair”. I think Barbie is obviously disporportionate when blown to ‘human size’, but again I don’t think that registers. It is interesting though how ‘anorexic’ Barbie appears once a more ‘average’ size is beside for comparison. As far as the curvy people are concerned – a lot of this type of hype mostly just makes people feel vaguely better about themselves to go nuts about Barbie being thin. It’s one thing to be ‘curvy’ and it’s another to be unhealthily overweight, no matter how you slice it. People should spend more time eating well and exercising – not necessarily to the point of participating in an Ironman contest for goodness sake – but being realistic about healthy weight is where our focus as a whole should be. I myself need to lose quite a few, but I can say blaming Barbie is absurd – let’s all take responsibility for ourselves and make HEALTH the goal – no matter our body size. Thanks for sharing!

    • tanishatbrown · July 9, 2013

      Hey Kristen – So for the slow response. Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you sooo much. Being overweight and curvy is two different things. Everyone knows Barbie is known for her size 18 waist, and I don’t remember being young thinking this is what I should look like. To be honest, when I was growing up my main wish was for a Barbie doll that look like me and not white. Size never came across my mind. Yes, being healthy is key and if “Mattel” wants to make a more realistic doll to please the masses, that’s there choice. However, please don’t make her look like Skipper… LOL

  2. mrsmarieyoung · July 11, 2013

    This new barbie looks all kinds of weird! I cant really say If kids recognize the difference, but I know kids are smarter than they appear a bd are like sponges.

  3. thecatwhispererblog · April 27, 2014

    If a kid bases her “perfect” body type from a doll,then she has serious reality and illusion issues that go far beyond the doll itself. It always goes back to proper parenting, making sure your daughter knows that TV, magazines, Internet, Video games, are not real. Being a parent can go a long way to mitigating the false advertising out there and teach the valuable lesson that companies make money by appealing to what we want.

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