For the GlamCurvy Handbag Snobs

Okay GlamCurvy Divas, my name is “GlamCurvy T” and I have a “Handbag” addiction. Recently, I came across some handbags where the cost could be someone’s salary. Now if you have it to give, then have at it.

Honestly, even if I had  the money the price is still not feasible for me to pay.

Check out some of our everyday brands with a price tag of $10K or higher. Now the Coach Bag, I was stunned.

Coach Legacy Crocodile Tote – $10,000

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.34.40 PM

Louis Vuitton tribute Patchwork Bag – $42,000


Hermes Birkin $64,800


GlamCurvy T


  1. Curvy.Madame · August 30, 2013

    You see the Hermes bag(the very last one) at Aldo they have one just like it that’s only $50. I have it. The Coach one at the beginning, there’s a replica at River Island that was $150. I don’t know if they still have it . Love the post.

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