Today, many of us position beauty as the size of a person, then the looks. If you see someone overweight, people assume they are unhealthy. Or if you see someone underweight, its possibly cute or stated as “really thin”. Looking at these two images “WHICH PERSON IS MORE HEALTHY”? It is safe to assume some people are to thin and damn near fragile. And others are overweight and just need to lose weight. Who determines this? If you plus size, are you overweight? Or, if you weigh 90 lbs at 5’9 in your adult life are you underweight?

If a skinny called a plus size women “FAT”, do you think its more offensive? Or if a plus size women called a skinny “FRAGILE” its more acceptable?

People, I am not here to stating one body is healthier than the other. I just want to raise the question to ask you and give us ALL something to think about.

GlamCurvy T


  1. 1959duke · September 20, 2013

    Reblogged this on Change is Never Ending.

  2. Robin Hardeman (robincharmagne) · September 20, 2013

    Interesting question. The photos are extremes so it’s hard to say if either example is healthy. But in today’s society, it is definitely more acceptable to be critical of fat people than critical of skinny people. There are medical standards that dictate if a weight is healthy based on height and of course other factors. My challenge is to find that happy medium of height weight proportion versus trying to look like Beyonce! Great topic!

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