Ditching Skinny Thoughts

Ditching Skinny Thoughts

Everyday, I think a lot of curvy girls think about how to be skinny. Whether you in love with the way clothes appear, how society reacts, or just the physical make-up. Well I ditch the skinny thoughts years ago. My thoughts now are healthy thoughts, ensuring I eat and exercise enough to stay healthy internally.

I want to share something with you. Whether you male or female, if you feel skinny is better you are a step away from self-bullying. Don’t focus on your flaws, but focus on your gifts.

Ditch those skinny thoughts!

GlamCurvy T


  1. littlemissmagickal · October 29, 2013

    Well said! We’re all guilty of these thoughts at one time or another…I used to have the rationale of “I’ll buy that outfit when I’m skinnier…” for a long time this mindset dictated what I had in my wardrobe. But I’ve since made a conscious effort to change my mindset, like you focus on the positives and feeling better about myself (inside and out). Now if I see an outfit I like I’ll get it regardless of what size I am at the time – and you better believe I’ll rock it! x

    • tanishatbrown · October 29, 2013

      I am guilty of the same thing. It’s a mindset change, and the realization that your perception of self she always supersede with positiveness than what others think of you.

      Thanks for the post!

  2. amin adam · December 4, 2013


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