Curvy Stars Looking Fabulous

Can we say beautiful? Or breathtaking? When I saw these pictures of our curvy “STARS” beauty being captured with confidence, poise, and elegance it makes you embrace your own attributes even more.  Gabby Hoffman who is one of our most talented actresses in Hollywood is often criticized about her size, sense of fashion, and skin color. Despite all the flaws critics tend to point out, her inner beauty shines bright like a diamond which fuels her outer beauty. She so fierce!


Hail to the queen “Queen Latifah“. Can we say actor, music artist, talk show host, and beauty model.  Looking at Queen Latifah is like looking at endless possibilities. Her beauty, personality, and realness is such a breath of fresh air to watch on the big screen and support. Also, with her plus size curvy build, she represents the plus size GlamCurvy revolution very well.


Last but not least. Melissa Mccarthy who is the most talented actor in comedy. How can I put this, I think Will Ferrell is her brother. Hilarious without effort. Can we say plus size rock star? The way she responds to the critics remarks about size and beauty candidly is heroic. Melissa embraces who she is verses what you can see. She is a GlamyCurvy diva and don’t even know it.


GlamCurvy T

Photos Courtesy of Pinterest Contributors

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