Are U Bossy?

Today, I was listening to Spotify and came across the song “Bossy” by Kelis. Now for those of you who have not heard this song, you have to listen to the lyrics. It’s contagious. With that said, I thought about all of the GlamCurvy divas that is a BOSS. Check out these bossy looks at the office, afterwork, and nightlife.

The Bossy Office Look


The Bossy Afterwork Happy Hour Look


The Bossy Nightlife Diva


And last but not least. The boss diva at her finest….

The Boss 


Enjoy your weekend and remember who is “Bossy”.

Lyrics from the hit song “Bossy”

You don’t have to love me
You don’t even have to like me
But you will respect me
You know why?
Cause I’m a boss!

GlamCurvy T

Pics courtesy of Pinterest Contributors 

Music content courtesy of


  1. Financially Literate · March 16, 2014

    Yesss! Be the BOSS! I love it! Also loving the office and nightlife looks!

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