#NewBeginnings with GlamCurvyT

Happy New Year! It’s 2018. Wow, my 2017 life events were so unexpected this year. So much took place. I lost my LOVE (boyfriend/bae) to an fatal car accident in May 2017.  I quit my corporate job in June 2017.  In August, I reached a birthday milestone and turned the “Fabulous 40” and celebrated with 15 of my closest friends in Costa Rica. So fun!  In November 2017, I relocated from Atlanta, GA to Dallas, TX.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue to enjoy my Atlanta life without my LOVE and it was time for an #newbeginning.

Now,  I am kicking off 2018 in a new city to conquer with no family and friends. However, my Atlanta friends ensured my transition included connecting me to new people in Dallas. So far, so good! No complaints, Dallas rocks!


GlamCurvy.com is still thought about and I plan to take baby steps and rebuild this community. The plus size universe soared in 2017 but we still have so many barriers to conquer in the fashion industry across the runway, TV, film, etc.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the plus size universe in 2017 moving into 2018. For 2018, my expectations are high and I salute to ALL the double digit size women pushing pass the skinnies. We fearless!

Stay Blessed,


Photo Credit: Pinterest Contributor




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