Your Curvy Summer Fix

Living in the South usually means an HAWT summer! The sun plus humidity usually have everyone miserable in the heat. With no beaches and little water,  Atlanta is known for having an array of indoor and outdoor events. Whether you invited to an happy hour, bbq, pool party, dinner, concert/show, or networking event you need to have your curvy summer wardrobe “fix” ready for the summer and a few cute accessories.

Check out GC’s”Curvy” Wardrobe Fix selection for this HAWT Summer!

-Cobalt Blue Layered Keyhole Tunic Dress by – Ideal for happy hour, dinner, or concert/show.


-Sheer Poolside Jumpsuit – – Ideal for summer poolside parties.


-Kate Spade: Hawthorne Lane Ryan Tote – – Great add on accessory for summer to spice up your casual or business looks.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 3.56.31 PM.png


-One Shoulder Ruffled One Piece – – Ideal for pool parties and beachwear.


-Red and Black Stripe Dress – – Great for a day fun in summer with sneakers.


-Black Gladiator Sandal – –  Walk in style this summer comfy with gladiator sandals. Great to wear with shorts and summer dresses.


Have a great Summer in July!

GlamCurvy T

Photos courtesy of Pinterest Contributors

GlamCurvy: 2016 Top 5 Designer Handbags

SIN: I LOVE HANDBAGS = FANATIC!! So it was time to hit the runways and locate the “hottest” designer 2016 handbags. These fabulous favorites had to be unique, bold, fierce, adorable, daring, and regal…that sums it up! Check out GlamCurvy’s top 5 “hottest” designer handbag picks….

#1 – Erin Fetherston

GlamCurvy Review – Adorable – Five Stars!


2. Burberry

GlamCurvy Review – Daring – Five Stars!


3. Gucci

GlamCurvy Review – Fierce – Five Stars!


4. Prada

GlamCurvy T – Regal – Five Stars!


5. Fendi

GlamCurvy – Bold – Five Stars!


GC followers: Let’s us hear your thoughts and reviews. Comment below..

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Photo Courtesy of Pinterest Contributors

Top 5 Xmas Gift Ideas under $10

Is it Christmas time already? I am still eating leftover candy from Halloween. LOL.  Well tis’ is the season to be jolly and Christmas will be here in less than 24 days and the New Year will be here in less than 30 days. YIKES! Which means many of us is still behind on christmas shopping and may still need a little assistance finding gifts for our family, friends, and/or colleagues. To assist, I decided to search the cyber universe to find unique xmas gift ideas for under $10. Check out GlamCurvy’s Top 5 Xmas Gift Ideas under $10….it may be worthwhile…

1. Zip Top Cosmetic Pouches – Dress Barn – $10

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 3.49.53 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-01 at 3.50.04 PM

2. Hello Gorgeous Mug by Sandra Magsamen – JCPenney – $10

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 4.15.24 PM


3. Performance Fleece Infinite Scarf – Old Navy -$4.00


4. Holiday Lane Silver Initial Ornament – Macy’s – $4.99


5. Lint Removing Sweater Stone – Nordstrom – $7.99

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 7.15.17 PM

Also, a few of the gift ideas is even cheaper when discount coupon codes are applied at checkout. Tip: Download Honey to your web browser, it will automatically locate the coupon codes and add it to your order if applicable.

Quick Win: GlamCurvy Top 5 gifts could total less than $40. Not too bad!

Good Luck Holiday Shopping!

GlamCurvy T

Pics courtesy of Dress Barn, JCPenney, Old Navy, Macy’s, Nordstrom



Are you SEXY enough for Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day GlamCurvy Divas!  When cupid appears with his bow and arrow usually it comes with romance and love. Today, I want to ask you,“Are you SEXY enough for Valentine’s Day?”  I want  all of us curvy divas to be well prepared for cupid’s arrival. Now sexiness is an “attitude”, however showcasing the outer beauty can be just as fun. Check out these 3 SEXY Valentine’s Day quick wins to seduce your admirer that cupid sent your way. 

sex·y – seksē/ 1.sexually attractive or exciting.

1. Heart Lace w/ Side knots Panty – Torrid – LOOK SEXY


2. Juicy Couture Malibu La La Eau de Toilette – SMELL SEXY


3. Red Pumps w/ HandCuffs – ENTERTAIN SEXY



GlamCurvy T

Pics Courtesy of Pinterest Contributors

Walking in Winter for Spring 2014

Not sure if “Frosty” the snowman is appearing  in your neck of the woods. Here in the ATL where we don’t have true winters, “Frosty” have been making guest appearances frequently. Usually by now I would have start pulling out last year’s spring/summer wardrobe to see what I need to buy, recycle, or surrender as donation. This time around is a lot different, the winter season is still going strong with leather jackets, boots, scarves, gloves, and more. So now I need to figure out what footwear can transition from winter to spring and keep my feet warm.

Check out my Top 5 Designer Shoes for spring in this winter weather:

1.)  Gucci Olympia – 2014 Spring Collection  (FUN)

1 shoes

2.  Isabel Marant – Spring 2014 Collection (TRIBAL)


3. Gucci – Spring 2014 Collection (FIERCE)


4. Giuseppe Zanotti – Spring 2014 Collection (SEXY)


5. Yiqing Yin – Spring 2014 Collection (CHIC)


GlamCurvy T

**Pics courtesy of Pinterest contributors.

embellished glam

Bling, Bling. We all love it whether if its a shiny jewelry accessory or a studded jacket. Now as a  GlamCurvy Diva, my wardrobe has a few embellish looks. However, these are breathtaking. From the onyx emblem black dress, to the stunning pair of pearl stockings,  to a white bling heel , to a multicolor rhinestone bathing suit, and embellished face jewelry. I love them ALL.

Would you wear some of these embellished glam looks?

GlamCurvy T






Pics Courtesy of Pinterest contributors

My Jewelry Box Must Haves

The New Year is here and its time to start planning out what my fashion accessories would consist of for Spring 2014. I am looking for some unique, semi -trendy pieces that are timeless  and cross functional across multiple looks. As usual, I started a jewelry box  visionboard on Pinterest capturing some of the must haves I have to hunt down. Now some of these, I can find but the budget is not there to own it. But searching for a similar look is just as exciting.

Happy GlamCurvy Friday!


1. Louis Vuitton Bracelets















2. Gold Chunky Stack Bracelets
















3. Necklace by Hayley Kruger
















4. Noble House Designs Necklace















5. Coco Chanel Bracelets












Photos courtesy of Pinterest Contributors

Boot Swag


The fall/winter season is my favorite time of year to showcase my boot swag. Most women love a sexy boot and jacket combo to showcase there style and glam during the wintery months.  Today, I started my boot swag “board” to identify my “must haves” for the fall/winter season.

Santa needs to stop by today, because I cannot wait until December to enjoy these. What is a curvy girl to do?

GlamCurvy T

Photos : Courtesy of Pinterest (Pic 1- Lavin, Pic 2 – unknown, Pic 3 – unknown, Pic 4 – Hader Ackermann)

Animal Print Flava


Fall is approaching and I am trying to determine which looks I want to add to my fall wardrobe. Scrolling though Pinterest, I saw some key pieces I want to incorporate into my Glamcurvy style. I am not a fan of wearing animal print garments, however I will add these key accessories to enjoy the look.

Now the lip color with the black lines is cute for runway, I can just take the base color and the nail color to compliment.

Check out these cool “Animal Print” pieces I found..

Lineup: Assortment of Designer Loafers, Celine Animal Print Handbag, Bracelet, Nail & Lip

Pics: Courtesy of Pinterest Contributors

For the GlamCurvy Handbag Snobs

Okay GlamCurvy Divas, my name is “GlamCurvy T” and I have a “Handbag” addiction. Recently, I came across some handbags where the cost could be someone’s salary. Now if you have it to give, then have at it.

Honestly, even if I had  the money the price is still not feasible for me to pay.

Check out some of our everyday brands with a price tag of $10K or higher. Now the Coach Bag, I was stunned.

Coach Legacy Crocodile Tote – $10,000

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.34.40 PM

Louis Vuitton tribute Patchwork Bag – $42,000


Hermes Birkin $64,800


GlamCurvy T