Three Cool Summer Looks

Summer is here. I always feel my spring/summer wardrobe needs more options. I have a lot of pieces to select from but no desire to wear them. I assume either I am not picking what I love and just picking want I like. Or I am guilty of picking similar pieces and get bored with the same look in different colors or fabrics. So I had to do a little research to determine what looks I love to be an option this summer. With traveling and attending events I need to make sure I have plenty options. Check out these great finds…..

1.  Black/White Graphic Rae Crop Blouse – JIBRI


 2. YK Tulip Skirt & White Tank Top – Youtheary Khmer 


3. Simple Black Dress – Qristyl Frazier 


Have a GlamCurvy Week!

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GlamCurvy: Top 5 Conversational Tees

How different would it be to have a “COOL” tank/t-shirt collection included into your summer wardrobe? Well I found some pretty odd tees with a message I can relate to or would love to discuss with the right audience. A blank tee is so typical, but a tee with words and/or pics can be a conversational piece or silence the room. I dare you this summer to step out of the “normal” and challenge yourself to wear a t-shirt that represent something either naughty or nice.

Check out GlamCurvy Top 5 Conversational Tees…

1. Retail Therapy 1:1 – Etsy

retail therapy


2. Curvy Pleasure- Etsy



3.  Curvy Chick – Etsy:

curvy chick

4. F*** Your Type – Etsy


5.  My favorite naughty conversation piece – Etsy


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NEWS: June 2014 Full Figured Fashion Week

Full Figured Fashion Week® (FFFWeek) launched in New York City with a partnership of 12 brands and approximately 200 guests attending three small events and one large runway show. Now in its sixth year, the event’s offering has expanded to include over 100 partners, including sponsors, independent designers, retailers, boutiques, fashion bloggers, small businesses and other industry professionals.FFFWeek offer over 20 events and 4 runway shows featuring an array of fashion from top retailers, boutiques and independent designers worn by 50 of the top runway models across the country.


Although the mission of FFFWeek® is to empower plus size women through fashion, the event has quickly evolved to match the industry’s growing focus on the plus-size business opportunity as well. The success of the event has led it to become the number one networking opportunity for all businesses with products and services for plus size women, connecting brands with curvy influencers — the bloggers, independent designers, fashion industry professionals, and entrepreneurs in attendance who are driving the plus-size market.

Full Figured Fashion Week  have a casting tour seeking out GlamCurvy models for FFFW in NY on  June 16-21, 2014.  To find out more information about the casting tour and dates click here.


Full Figured Fashion Week will be held in New York City on June 16-21, 2014.


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Find out more about FFF Week at

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to be or not to be

Happy Monday! You know gang, I love fashion and the creativity our designers express in clothing, shoes, accessories, and makeup can be breathtaking. But sometimes the word “creativity” gets push to another surreal reality called to be or not to be. Now we all know there is an audience and buyer for every product and those who love it, enjoy it. However, for many of us its just unrealistic, not age appropriate, it’s for the runway not everyday wear, or just not don’t make sense.

Check out these five creative looks I stumbled across and you tell me your thoughts.

Speak no evil…


Walk this way….



A new age  fashion rebellion…


Are you blue…


See no evil…



Signing off,

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Are U Bossy?

Today, I was listening to Spotify and came across the song “Bossy” by Kelis. Now for those of you who have not heard this song, you have to listen to the lyrics. It’s contagious. With that said, I thought about all of the GlamCurvy divas that is a BOSS. Check out these bossy looks at the office, afterwork, and nightlife.

The Bossy Office Look


The Bossy Afterwork Happy Hour Look


The Bossy Nightlife Diva


And last but not least. The boss diva at her finest….

The Boss 


Enjoy your weekend and remember who is “Bossy”.

Lyrics from the hit song “Bossy”

You don’t have to love me
You don’t even have to like me
But you will respect me
You know why?
Cause I’m a boss!

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How we love MJ on Shah’s of Sunset

Can we say CONFIDENCE. Every since the diva MJ arrived on the Bravo network show Shah’s on Sunset her plus size have been a conversation. Good or Bad. I have read several blogs where MJ is the subject matter of controversy because of her carefree spirit showcasing her plus size curvy body. Well I am hear to say,  she gave me inspiration to embrace YOU.


This last episode, MJ  plus size style, size, and body was unveiled without a thought. I commend her being able to showcase HER on TV and welcoming the comments of the skinnys.

mj 3

You ROCK MJ! GlamCurvy Revolution!

GlamCurvy T

Pics Courtesy of Bravo TV Show Shah’s of Sunset

Fear us skinnys we are the new NORM






It’s GlamCurvy Friday. The week is coming to an end and its time to celebrate the GlamCurvy divas for accepting who they are, pushing through barriers of the norm, and liberating curves. Many of us have the ideal of curvy and plus size is fat or overweight. Not here these ladies represent and wear their inner curvy soul well. Let’s continue to push this GlamCurvy revolution.

Fear us skinnys, WE are the new NORM!

Have a GlamCurvy Friday!

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embellished glam

Bling, Bling. We all love it whether if its a shiny jewelry accessory or a studded jacket. Now as a  GlamCurvy Diva, my wardrobe has a few embellish looks. However, these are breathtaking. From the onyx emblem black dress, to the stunning pair of pearl stockings,  to a white bling heel , to a multicolor rhinestone bathing suit, and embellished face jewelry. I love them ALL.

Would you wear some of these embellished glam looks?

GlamCurvy T






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Plus Size Men missing in the “Fashion Industry”


Recently, I had a conversation with a male friend about plus size women in fashion and it went into a different direction. He asked, “What about “plus size” men or the  term “BIG & TALL?” I was sitting here thinking about that conversation and how “plus size” men are overlooked and the fashion industry tends to not publicize the topic.  So today, I researched the internet to locate the “plus size” or “big & tall” market and it was what I imagined. Only retail ads for purchasing  and little exposure to fashion industry trends, models, runways, etc.

So today, I would like to bring awareness to this hidden fashion market PLUS SIZE MEN or BIG&TALL in hopes to create conversation and exposure.

Men, check out this cool site…

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Boot Swag


The fall/winter season is my favorite time of year to showcase my boot swag. Most women love a sexy boot and jacket combo to showcase there style and glam during the wintery months.  Today, I started my boot swag “board” to identify my “must haves” for the fall/winter season.

Santa needs to stop by today, because I cannot wait until December to enjoy these. What is a curvy girl to do?

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Photos : Courtesy of Pinterest (Pic 1- Lavin, Pic 2 – unknown, Pic 3 – unknown, Pic 4 – Hader Ackermann)