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No words, just a statement. Enjoy your weekend!

Plus Size Men missing in the “Fashion Industry”


Recently, I had a conversation with a male friend about plus size women in fashion and it went into a different direction. He asked, “What about “plus size” men or the  term “BIG & TALL?” I was sitting here thinking about that conversation and how “plus size” men are overlooked and the fashion industry tends to not publicize the topic.  So today, I researched the internet to locate the “plus size” or “big & tall” market and it was what I imagined. Only retail ads for purchasing  and little exposure to fashion industry trends, models, runways, etc.

So today, I would like to bring awareness to this hidden fashion market PLUS SIZE MEN or BIG&TALL in hopes to create conversation and exposure.

Men, check out this cool site… http://www.chubstr.com

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Feeling Sexy



Looking at these two photos is a statement of its own. The black strappy ensemble is so sexy and she looks fierce in it. (Model: Linda Cobbina) The white strappy bathing suit look is conservative but sexy, its makes me want to find out how to purchase it. These are definitely some curvy inspirational looks and these ladies look awesome. Poise, sexy, and sassy!

For any reason “YOU” cannot picture your curvy bottom in one of these ensembles then your sexy inner glam curviness fierceness is dim. You don’t have to be in love with these looks but imagine the sexiness and then put your body in it. Case Closed.

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Remember 9.11.01

Remembering 9.11.01

Eerie day working in Atlanta, GA and receiving news that the US was under terrorist attack. I start thinking about my family/friends in New York and Virginia. Also, wondering who in there right mind would fly planes into a building. As time went on, my heart start filling up with anger, disappointment, fear, and remorse for those whose family/friends lives were lost or never found. The 9/11 images, live footage, and stories I saw from that day was surreal and stuck with me until today.

I remember …Race, gender, religion, or creed was not an issue. JUST LIFE. That day would never be forgotten!

Remembering 9.11.01

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GlamCurvy T Celebrates a Birthday Today! Hear her ROAAR!

GlamCurvy T Celebrates a Birthday Today! Hear her ROAAR!

Hello Glam Curvy Divas! I have been offline for awhile traveling for work to Boston, and now celebrating my birthday in Las Vegas. Long week but having a #glamcurvy time! Stay tuned.

Trying to determine my GlamCurvy Birthday outfit.. but right now I am heading to Starbucks for a curvy girl drink..

Enjoy your Sunday!

Is it possible, plus size and fit?


Okay, its time. I want to be plus but fit. A solid 9/10. No stretch. Today, I am a 12/14 stretch. Love it! Not mad at it at all. But I would love to be toned.  Also, I have to remember I am not in my 20’s to compete with the status quo. Today, I searched for some plus size fit looks I love to give me a little more motivation. <MY FIT VISIONBOARD>

It’s time for GlamCurvy T to change to GlamCurvy “FIT” T!

GlamCurvy T!

Happy Friday!

enough said … beauty isn’t a size

So many of us have been program to think that beauty is based on the visual of a human and not the inner soul. Today, I found this picture that highlights not only how small minded we can become but also how we forget that our own thoughts limit us. In order for other people to see what we see in ourselves we have to embrace who were are and not what we appear.


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