GlamCurvy: 2016 Top 5 Designer Handbags

SIN: I LOVE HANDBAGS = FANATIC!! So it was time to hit the runways and locate the “hottest” designer 2016 handbags. These fabulous favorites had to be unique, bold, fierce, adorable, daring, and regal…that sums it up! Check out GlamCurvy’s top 5 “hottest” designer handbag picks….

#1 – Erin Fetherston

GlamCurvy Review – Adorable – Five Stars!


2. Burberry

GlamCurvy Review – Daring – Five Stars!


3. Gucci

GlamCurvy Review – Fierce – Five Stars!


4. Prada

GlamCurvy T – Regal – Five Stars!


5. Fendi

GlamCurvy – Bold – Five Stars!


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Curvy Inspiration

Just a quick reminder, no matter what size your (BODY) butt, boobs, thighs, or waist is “U” are “BEAUTIFUL”. Don’t let others have your thoughts about “U” swayed to think otherwise. Flaunt it! Stay curvy!

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The London Voyage

LONDON – Best trip ever. The diverse culture, history, and shopping was well worth the eight hour flight. I arrived in London on Sunday, Aug 10th early morning and enjoyed every last minute of the LONDON VOYAGE until departing on Saturday afternoon. The weather was not as favorable as I desired but definitely manageable. Just remember to ALWAYS carry a raincoat or umbrella at all times. The US Dollars to British pounds conversion, just say on average a $1 in US is $0.60 British pounds. Go figure. The public transportation subway called the “TUBE” is similar to the “METRO” in New York  and it goes everywhere but clean. Our hotel K&K George was located conveniently in Kensington two blocks from Earls Court Station. Perfect location.




Sunday, we kicked off our arrival day in London by visiting Portobello Market and later had dinner at Nando’s. Very Tasty!


Monday, we caught the London Hop on Hop Off Tour exploring the London Eye, London Bridge, Big Ben, and Trafalgar Square. Later, dinner was a indian cuisine at  Masala Zone.



london eye


Tuesday, CAMDEN MARKET was the destination ALL DAY. The shopping, food, and eclectic environment was very entertaining. In addition, I got a fish pedicure at Zoola Fish, received an henna tattoo, conquered a tasty cupcake at Mimi’s cupcakes, and  enjoyed fish -n- chips at Poppies.



Wednesday, we started our day with shopping at TKMaxx (TJMaxx) and had a “Fashion Tea” scheduled at the Berkley. I felt like Royalty. Later, we paid a visit to the famous Harrod’s Department Store.



Thursday, we signed up for a 10 hour sightseeing tour to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Oxford. Windsor Castle was so rich in culture and history. Stonehenge was quite intriguing and I am still baffled about the purpose and creation of those stones. Oxford history and building designs showcased a city like no other. Very pristine and sacred.




Friday, the National History Museum was our first destination. Free admission with an hour wait, not bad at all.  Then shopping on Oxford Street in London checking out Selfridges, Primark, Topshop, etc. Later that night, we met with a close friend for dinner at the italian restaurant called Zizzi’s. Delicious!




Saturday, we packed up, enjoyed our last breakfast at the hotel, and hop into a car to take us to London-Heathrow Airport. The London Voyage was officially over and reality would restart. However, the experience  and memories in London will last a LIFETIME. I am blessed and humbled to be able to experience it.


Check out me and my Atlanta Sister on the London Sightseeing Tour. #LONDONDIVAS

hop on hop off



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enough said … beauty isn’t a size

So many of us have been program to think that beauty is based on the visual of a human and not the inner soul. Today, I found this picture that highlights not only how small minded we can become but also how we forget that our own thoughts limit us. In order for other people to see what we see in ourselves we have to embrace who were are and not what we appear.


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Curvy Feminism

Today,  I was inspired by this picture.  Not only does it represents the ideal of “GlamCurvy” but identifies curvy feminism. It makes me embrace more of who I am and not just what others can dictate. The GlamCurvy movement are MODELS who march to the curvy beat.

In celebration of “Curvy Feminism” we toast to”Curves are Beautiful”! And by the way, this GlamCurvy Diva is so FIERCE!

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GlamCurvy explores the Fashion Galaxy!

GlamCurvy took a look into our fashion world to find out how many of our fashion designers are taking a plunge into the plus size universe. After reading magazines and viewing sites, one appeared that was not the norm. “Vince Camuto” I was shocked that he captured a look that is not only fashionable but mirror several runway looks. My hat goes off to this designer ……