Is it possible, plus size and fit?


Okay, its time. I want to be plus but fit. A solid 9/10. No stretch. Today, I am a 12/14 stretch. Love it! Not mad at it at all. But I would love to be toned.  Also, I have to remember I am not in my 20’s to compete with the status quo. Today, I searched for some plus size fit looks I love to give me a little more motivation. <MY FIT VISIONBOARD>

It’s time for GlamCurvy T to change to GlamCurvy “FIT” T!

GlamCurvy T!

Happy Friday!

GlamCurvy Inspiration Friday

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 6.51.46 PM

Coming off vacation, I felt even more excited about where I am in my skin. This picture is my inspiration. Curvy, plus size, and confident! If you missing one of these three, this pose will help you refuel your thoughts. By providing clarity and reminding you that beauty is not just the outside but the inside, too.

GlamCurvy T

Curvy 1950 meets 2013


When I saw this 1950’s photo labeled “plus size” I had a question mark appear in my thoughts. Plus size? NOT!

Today, anything curvy, usually size 9/10 and up is considered out of the “norm” and gets tagged as plus size. I guess it was no different in the 1950’s either. Looking at this picture,  in 1950 we were just as fierce then as we are now.

It amazing, how our glam and curve appeal looks the same with a modern twist.

Curvy divas we ” got history?”  Love it.


Curvy Feminism

Today,  I was inspired by this picture.  Not only does it represents the ideal of “GlamCurvy” but identifies curvy feminism. It makes me embrace more of who I am and not just what others can dictate. The GlamCurvy movement are MODELS who march to the curvy beat.

In celebration of “Curvy Feminism” we toast to”Curves are Beautiful”! And by the way, this GlamCurvy Diva is so FIERCE!

GlamCurvy T


It’s In.. The Top 10 Plus Size Models in the Industry Today

This is interesting. You may love the Top 10 picks or question them. I was curious to find out the TOP 1o glamcurvy models in the industry today. I have to admit I was excited to find out.  However, some would question whether these models are “true” plus size. Well we all know the fashion industry can be slighted by reality. I was bothered by a few of the models that were selected. I think MIDSIZE not PLUS SIZE, but I will let you decide.

1. Jennie Ruck – H&M Plus Size Swimsuit Model – Awesome!


2. Saffi Karina – British Model – Face of Curvy Project London – Plus or MidSize???


3. Crystal Renn – Straight Size to Plus Size Model – Size 8 – Plus Size or Mid-Size??

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 6th Annual Spring Ball

4. Justine LeGault – Elle Quebec – May 2014 Cover ModelLove her.


5. Robyn Lawley – First Plus Size Model for Ralph Lauren – Plus Size or Midsize?


6. Tara Lynn – Elle France – Feb 2012 Cover Model –  Great Look.


7. Ashley Graham – Lane Bryant Model who ad was Banned – Five Stars*****

Fashion Guru Jay Manuel Hosts Lane Bryant's Fashion's Night Out!

8. Tess Munster – Fashion Blogger/Model  – She so FAB!


9. Candice Huffine – S Moda May 2012 Model – Sexy Glam


10. Velvet d’Amour –  2007 Jean Paul Gaultier Model/ Magazine Owner of  VOL•UP•2 –  She so fierce!

Christophe Guillarme Runway - Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter  2012

Photos Courtesy of Huffington Post. Read more here

3 Steps to Fab with Michael Kors Accessories

Today Divas, I woke up and checked out my daily feed of fashion, gossip, news, and what my friends have been up too. As I start scanning I saw one of my favorite handbag designers giving me “Destination Accessory Looks” for travel.  I am was in love with the new looks from Michael Kors.

GlamCurvy divas the 3 steps to FAB is……

Step 1: Feeling good about yourself and comfortable in your own skin.

Step 2: Enjoying fashion and selecting the hottest looks.

Step 3: Wearing the hottest accessories and adding Michael Kors destination looks as an option. 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.10.34 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.09.58 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.10.19 AM

Pictures by Michael Kors. Check out Michael Kors collection!

GlamCurvy T