GC’s Top 5 Plus Size Shopping Sites for Fall Fashion

Hi Everyone- I am sorry GlamCurvy have been AWOL for the last few months. Life took place and new projects came my way I had to entertain. But anyway, I miss you all and still been following the plus size fashion industry. So much have transitioned in the plus size world since the summer. 1.) Increased media visibility to the plus size industry 2.) More leading designers offering collections sizes 16 and up.  3.) The variation of styles have evolved with similarity to the skinnys now. Well I am being honest. LOL.  We still have along way to go but I can see change and hoping it continues to represent us well.

With my time away, I started searching for who have the hottest looks that fit my style for fall fashion. Classy Trendy. I identified my favorite 5 shopping sites that I purchase from frequently. Drum roll please!!!!!

1. Boohoo Plus & Curvy Clothing My favorite right now. So many cute styles to select from and the pricing is perfect for my budget.


2. City Chic Plus Size Clothing – In love. Fabulous luxe looks with affordable prices.


3. Deb Shops  Who knew?  The Deb brand have been around since I was a kid in VA.  I haven’t seen an physical storefront in years. However, it was my favorite place to shop in my teenage years. And today, they still offer classy trendy looks I love. Great shoes, too!

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 8.08.32 PM.png

4. Forever 21 – Plus Size Clothing – My backup. Affordable prices of jeans, tops, and they also have great online specials. The only thing is if you buy online they only offer a credit if you return it to the store. Bummer! But usually its okay.. I can find something to purchase in replace of my credit.


5.  Eloquii – Truth Serum. Just added to my bookmarks.  I was not a big fan of the Eloquii brand at first. I thought it was pretty standard and aligned more with Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart typical looks. But over time I explored it more and came across a few looks I do love. Now it is a little pricey and sizes go fast but shop the sales. That’s the only time I peek…. and buy!


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Please share your favorite plus size shopping sites, too. I am always looking for new ones to explore.

Happy Fall!

GlamCurvy Y

Photos Credits: Boohoo.com, CityChic, Deb Shops, Forever 21, and Eloquii. 



Ms. Teen USA now a Plus Size Model


I was looking at the highlights from New York Fashion Week and enjoyed viewing the plus size models with shapes similar to mines walking down the runway. Then I came across a clip about how our top modeling agencies client needs are shifting to more curvier woman.  One of latest faces attempting to conqueror the plus size modeling market is Kamie Crawford, 2010 Teen USA.  I was stunned that she would have be label as plus size looking back at her in 2010. Well check out Ms. Kamie Crawford at age 20 prepping to be the next top plus size model. I have a feeling she is going to rock it!

GlamCurvy T




Zaftig /zäftig/ adjective: (of a woman) Having a full, rounded figure; plump.


Today, I was surfing the internet for the latest plus size news around designers, beauty, fashion, etc.  Then I came across this word with a definition attached.

  • Zaftig /zäftig/ adjective: (of a woman) Having a full, rounded figure; plump.

Here we go again, another label for the plus size physique.

Mainly, it was used in content with a historical cartoon character pin-up girl name Hilda in the 1950s, used to describe Marilyn Monroe, and others plus size women of that time. For some this word could be thought of as negative and to others as sexy/flattering. However you position it, just know this word exist and you may here it again.

Check out these Zaftig Pics!

Have a GlamCurvy Friday!

GlamCurvy T

Pink Dream

hot pink.


Since PINK is my favorite color, I thought it would be cool to have a  “GLAMCURVY” Pink Dream Day!  Could you imagine having a HOT PINK life for a day. Your house, car, handbag, computer, lips, shoes, jewelry, and clothing through out the day. Now I am not encouraging to wear all these looks all at once, however through out the day it would be cool.

What would it feel or look like? Or would I end up hating PINK for a day!  LOL

Have a GLAMCURVY Friday!

GlamCurvy T

enough said … beauty isn’t a size

So many of us have been program to think that beauty is based on the visual of a human and not the inner soul. Today, I found this picture that highlights not only how small minded we can become but also how we forget that our own thoughts limit us. In order for other people to see what we see in ourselves we have to embrace who were are and not what we appear.


GlamCurvy T

Curvy 1950 meets 2013


When I saw this 1950’s photo labeled “plus size” I had a question mark appear in my thoughts. Plus size? NOT!

Today, anything curvy, usually size 9/10 and up is considered out of the “norm” and gets tagged as plus size. I guess it was no different in the 1950’s either. Looking at this picture,  in 1950 we were just as fierce then as we are now.

It amazing, how our glam and curve appeal looks the same with a modern twist.

Curvy divas we ” got history?”  Love it.


Barbie Goes Curvy!

Barbie Goes Curvy!


Found a article today where the iconic Barbie who has always been  a 18 inch waist size, is now expanding her body frame to a more “curvy” form.

Is this a look that would be embraced? Or is this another tactic to please the “curvy public” for the interim?

How do you feel about Barbie new look  from skinny to curvy? Or does it matter?

GlamCurvy T