Curvy, Plus Size, or Fat.. What difference does it make?

Curvy, Plus Size, or Fat.. What difference does it make?

Recently, I had a conversation with a colleague talking about how society classifies women as curvy, plus size, or fat. The argument was that some women who classify themselves as curvy and plus size are really overweight and not healthy. So I thought about this statement and was slightly bothered….. because none of these words we use identifies who I am, just what you see. It’s mainly what society created to nicely classify women who are not part of the “skinny” club. Also,  there are many “skinnys” who are underweight and not healthy.

My thought is you can be CURVY and/or PLUS SIZE and/or FAT and SKINNY and/or UNDERWEIGHT and we ALL are still “GLAM”.

Enjoy your GLAMOROUS weekend!

GlamCurvy T

Barbie Goes Curvy!

Barbie Goes Curvy!


Found a article today where the iconic Barbie who has always been  a 18 inch waist size, is now expanding her body frame to a more “curvy” form.

Is this a look that would be embraced? Or is this another tactic to please the “curvy public” for the interim?

How do you feel about Barbie new look  from skinny to curvy? Or does it matter?

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If beauty gets any thinner, no one will fit.


I was sitting here thinking about how was the “plus size” classification derived. When we see a  SiZE 6,  I don’t state these are “skinny” sizes.  I wish I had a meeting with the  fashion gods  to change the term “plus size”. Are we happy with women who wear  ‘double digits” classifying them as “plus size”. Am not! I wish we didn’t have to bucket sizes 10 and up as “plus size”.  Designers need to just embrace sizes and create clothes for ‘everyone” and classify as a size not term.

At least the curvy revolution have started with “curvy” body forms. Recently, two Cornell students developed a plus-size dress form with more accuracy than ever before, allowing designers to accomodate larger body types.

Yes!  The Curvy Revolution has started… now if I could work on changing the classification to a “size” that would be great…. but  not in this lifetime.

-GlamCurvy T


shoes, shoes, and more shoes!

Could you imagine being able to select the hottest shoes from a vending machine. Having instant access to the hottest shoe designers, looks, and styles. I would be tormented by so many to choose from but wouldn’t it be awesome …. now we know this is surreal.

However, If this was the vending machine …..


These would be my FAB SHOES I would like to see…now I am trendy classy loving simple but fierce.


Shoe #1 – Privileged at

Shoe #2-Designer, Balenciaga

Shoe #3- Designer, Free People

Shoe #4 -Designer, Zapatos

Shoe #5- Designer Unknown

3 Steps to Fab with Michael Kors Accessories

Today Divas, I woke up and checked out my daily feed of fashion, gossip, news, and what my friends have been up too. As I start scanning I saw one of my favorite handbag designers giving me “Destination Accessory Looks” for travel.  I am was in love with the new looks from Michael Kors.

GlamCurvy divas the 3 steps to FAB is……

Step 1: Feeling good about yourself and comfortable in your own skin.

Step 2: Enjoying fashion and selecting the hottest looks.

Step 3: Wearing the hottest accessories and adding Michael Kors destination looks as an option. 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.10.34 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.09.58 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 11.10.19 AM

Pictures by Michael Kors. Check out Michael Kors collection!

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GC found a new Plus Size retailer called City it!

GC discovered a new Plus Size retailer called City Chic

GC was getting bored because the plus size designers for hot trendy classic looks seem to resort back to the same clothing lines/retailers. Today, GC start searching and we found a new plus size online retailer.

Check out CityChic Online! You will LOVE It.

Much love GlamCurvy Divas!

-GlamCurvy T